“No Pressure From Fellow Actors…No One Notices Me” – Actress, Jumoke Aderonmu

Jumoke Aderonmu is a Nigerian Actor and media enthusiast – a TV producer and presenter. She is a graduate of International Relations from the Obafemi Awolowo University. As an actress, she’s worked with the likes of Bimbo Akintola, Funke Akindele, Francis Duru, Antar Laniyan and others. Jumoke is one of the 15 beneficiaries of the of AFRIFF’s scholarship that was issued on Saturday 19th November 2016. Nollyzone met with the lucky actress and she told us about herself, her endeavors and the latest boost to her career.

NZ: Tell us who Jumoke Aderonmu is?

JUMOKE: “Jumoke Aderounmu is a lady staying focused and paying attention to details around her while on the journey of being one of the most different people to come out of Africa To The World. There Is Definitely More to Jumoke than Being an Actor, i am a lot of things in one body and we all have to stick around to watch them unwrap gradually. Productions and film making has been my interest and we are getting there gradually.

“I grew up in a nuclear family in Oba Karowunwi Estate at GRA Abeokuta in the 90s, attended schools as an average Nigerian and Acting came along while in the University. I had met with Tunde Kelani In 2008 and Acting had started from then when i got to play #PrincessMobandele in ARUGBA back then”,

NZ: That’s a long time ago. That means you’ve been in the industry for almost a decade?

JUMOKE: “I’ve been on the journey professionally since 2009, we have been working hard for a bit But in 2010, i took a break from acting to do TV Productions and that was when Goldmyne entertainment gave me my first producing job of Box Office TV show in 2011. I had read International Relations in Obafemi Awolowo University of Ife And Graduated in 2009″.

NZ: Why did you take a break from acting to do TV Productions? Is it that acting wasn’t paying the bills as at then?

JUMOKE: “I took a break from Acting to do something else in production, i wanted to have the experience in Television, FRCN Training School offered the course and i went on to do it in 2010. I also got on radio in 2012 as well

“It has nothing to do with the bills, it’s about having the experience and being able to professionally be a theatre person and I’m very adventurous with my craft and talents, so i did all that to get to where I am today. I didn’t get the opportunity to do theatre in school, so i decided to train and learn all branches of theatre to be a professional material. And look where it took me today? I didn’t mind the time, i just wanted the best for myself and i want to be taken seriously as a professional”.

NZ:   Now let’s dwell on Jumoke as an actor. Kindly name some of the movies you’ve featured in so far?

JUMOKE: “Being on a couple of movies … The Unwritten, Patriots, Awa Okunrin, Alakada2, Wings Of My Dreams (shortfilm) and Jenifas diary Tv Show. That’s about the ones i can recall at the moment”.

NZ: Who are you on Jenifa’s Diary TV SERIES?

JUMOKE:  “I Play The Character #Esther on jenifa’s diary, the school dropout desperate hot head warri girl who came to Lagos to make money under any circumstance, she has a split personality and very unpredictable”.

NZ: What would you say Is the biggest thing that has ever happened to your acting career? Is it featuring on Jenifa’s Diary TV series, considering how popular it is?

JUMOKE: “I feel like i am just getting started and we can only hope and pray we get to the peak. So, I don’t have a steady answer for that question, i am just getting started and i am at the point where I need to work twice hard now as there are lot of people watching now. Though being Esther has brought me everything the Biblical Esther is (I’m just being cliche)”.

NZ:   Your career got a boost yesterday when you won a scholarship By AFRIFF. Tell us more about this?

JUMOKE: “All to the glory of God. It’s a scholarship sponsored by Ford for 15 of us that took part in the 2016 AFRIFF training and talent development workshop. It is AFRIFF’S yearly initiative.     A number of us was selected using our resume and profile in 3 different departments (film making, Acting and Script writing) to attend the workshop and learn in 5 days.

“I had applied early this year to attend the acting class to develop myself more and train theatre on international screens just for the experience and to refresh myself as an actor. Aunty Hilda Dokubo was our mentor/ teacher in the acting class. We did all we need to function productively in this business home and international and at the end of the workshop, we had done a monologue challenge as our exam which was used in picking 5 scholarship winners in my class and i made the list”.

NZ: Did you ever think you were going to win the scholarship?

JUMOKE: “I didn’t see myself winning; i put in my best though. I was at the point where I needed to prove myself and i put in my 200%. I had entered for it just for the experience but when i got there, i discovered everyone had same opportunity; it was a field that was big enough for all of us to play and win, so i took the opportunity with both hands”.

NZ: Paint a picture of how your family and friends reacted when they heard the news of your scholarship?

JUMOKE: “My family have always been a support system and they are also as excited and grateful to God as i am right now…”

NZ:   Let me take you back to your early years in Nollywood. What were the challenging experiences you went through? Were you pressured to get movie roles?

JUMOKE: “I went through a lot of challenges at the early stage but the most of it is my stature, everyone said to me then that i couldn’t fit into most roles.  I started out attending auditions and readings to get roles.  I still read for some roles now too”.

NZ:   What do you think about your petite stature?

JUMOKE: “I think and know my stature is perfect and beautiful”.

NZ: If your small size makes you unfit for several roles, I know that the same stature is what would make several guys want to have you in their arm like a Spanish guitar. How then, do you handle pressure from fellow actors and other men?

JUMOKE: “Pressure? There is no pressure from fellow actors, everyone is busy working hard and being themselves so no one notices me”.

NZ: Busy working…and no one notices you? Are you trying to say Nollywood Actors don’t find a petite damsel like you attractive?

JUMOKE: “I didn’t say that, I’m saying they don’t pressure me, at least not yet that I’ve noticed”.

NZ: So finally, what are your aspirations and expectations when you travel to the University of Montana in America?

JUMOKE: “Montana is not to play oh! It’s probably going to be tougher than AFRIFF Workshop in Nigeria, judging from the past winner’s works we saw. So I’m really expecting to face new challenges that will put me on the best experience ever”.

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