15 Phrases Commonly Used In “Jenifa’s Diary” That Have Become Everyday Nigerian Slangs

By popular demand, I love to think Nigerians love Jenifa.

“Jenifa’s Diary” is very influential to the point that subconsciously, Nigerians have adopted many of her phrases and we use them humourously as a slang in our day-to-day interactions with friends.

In no particular order, check out 15 most popular ones.


1. How’s You?

This seems to be the most popular one though. And it means “How are you?” Lol


2. I is Alright

Meaning: “I’m Alright”…I get to hear folks use this slang too.


3. Lord in the Ringi

I want to believe she’s saying ‘Lord Of The Rings’…This phrase refers to a girl who has been engaged to her beau for quite a time and marriage plans aren’t yet in sight.


4. Yelz

‘Yelz’ means ‘Yes”…I subconsciously say this too.


5. Tainz

Meaning “Thanks”…Lol


6. I like ya Combinasun

Meaning “I like your Combination/Matching colours”


7. Scruty

Meaning “Security”…Abeg Jenifa will not kill someone! Lol


8. I is Came

Meaning “I’m coming”.


9. Worefa

Meaning “Whatever”.


10. Radaarada

Meaning ‘Rubbish’, ‘Weird’ or ‘Nonsense’.


11. Kpankere Wo Gown

I find this phrase particularly funny though. It is used to refer to a slim lady. Lol


12. Skiss me

Meaning ‘Excuse me’.


13. Toyor Baby

I find this one rather amusing because coincidentally, people call me this. So post- Jenifa’s Diary, ‘Toyor Baby’ has become the remixed version of my God-given innocent name ‘Toyosi’. Lol


14. Selzy

Meaning: ‘Sexy’…roftl


15. I’m Priding in You

Meaning “I’m Proud Of You”.


What other slangs have you adopted from “Jenifa’s Diary”?

Feel free to share in the comment box below!

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